The Barefoot Runner Zola Budd

In this candid interview, Zola shares her amazingly heartfelt story of loss and love. We start off with how and why she fell in love with running. What was the reason behind her decision to mainly run ‘barefoot’?

Growing up in South Africa during troubled times she moved to the UK under duress.
We learn how she was treated by the British press as well as the British public. Her story of being in the constant eye of a judgemental population when all she wanted to do was run.
We trace her rise to celebrity status and find out that losing those close to her has been a trend throughout her life.

A happy return to her homeland South Africa, where she would meet and marry her husband and eventually compete for her beloved homeland at the Olympic Games. With many accolades on the track and across the fields of cross country races across the world, Zola was always seemingly removed from all of what that meant.

Marathon and Ultra distance running came into her life and it is in these longer pursuits that her peace and serenity is found. We talk about the mighty Comrades Ultra in South Africa and the host of the show even suggests a Marathon that Zola should add to her bucket list.

A remarkable individual with a remarkable life story, Zola Budd Pieterse.

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