Talking Global Tennis | Fernando Segal

Fernando Segal is a world-leading coach, tennis development expert and an influential figure in the tennis world.

Fernando has more than 40 years’ experience in coaching. During that time he’s written 11 books and directed development programs for National Tennis Federations where many junior players have been developed and gone on to win 16 Junior Grand Slams, become Top 100 and even Top 10 ATP/WTA Players.

In this episode we talk about;

* Tennis Innovation
* The History of tennis
* Tennis equipment and advances in court surfaces
* The All Blacks Culture and the Lessons for World Sport
* Some of the Challenges facing the sport of tennis
* His favourite players and match of all time.
* The evolution of Pickleball
* Tennis in the Olympics
* Fernando’s events to bring more innovation to the sport of tennis.

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