Super Coach David Bowden

There are those who transcend their careers, and Coach David Bowden is one of those people. For over 40 years this man loved what he did, and he loved those that he did it alongside.

In this interview, we get to hear who inspired him in life, and in sports, back in the day. How the Redskins changed his life, and what he loved the most about becoming a teacher.

For a man who calls coaching his ‘side hustle’, Coach Bowden used his talents to change the lives of many. This humblest of human beings graciously recalls the values and focus that made so many admire him, fear him, and respect him.

From Olympic Champions to high school hopefuls. To this day, Coach Bowden and his love for what he did lives deep in the souls of those he crossed paths with.

Listen to him share the day he went to a student’s house to find out why he hadn’t turned up for training.
Who does Coach think is the greatest athlete of all time?
What does he think of the latest running shoe technology, and what is he doing these days?

Coach also recalls his memorable trips down under when he took hundreds of young adults on a journey of a lifetime.
There is no doubt that this fine man, created and made many a fine man throughout his life.
This is one conversation we never wanted to end.

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