Staying In Your Lane | Donovan Bailey

Exploding ‘human capacity is one way to define Donovan Bailey, and as I found out today while interviewing this great man for the Global Sports Channel, he clearly understands that the journey to authenticity is the greatest single journey we as human beings can take.

As I started my day in Australia, and he melted into his afternoon in Canada the articulate manner of his responses to my questions, some anticipated, others not, we experienced not an interviewer and host experience, we enjoyed the dialogue, meaning and depth in conversation.

As Donovan himself said ‘we, as a human race, need to pick up the phone more and talk to each other and to experience real conversations again that will result in greater respect, trust and empathy between one another’.

From having dinner with Nelson Mandela, to ‘that’ race that defined him as an athlete, and as a person. His upbringing and connection to Jamaica, his pet goats and chickens, to his Philanthropic work.

We talk about the Tokyo Olympics, Transgenders in sport, and how important a coach is to an athlete.

“A single lane is long and narrow, but the track is very wide, stay in your lane”.

Thank You, Donovan.

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