Our Charity Partner Introduction | Sam Iliades

In this video, we meet Sam Iliades the Founder and CEO at Australian Corporate Jet Centres. The Global Sports Channel has selected a Charity Founded and run by Sam as it’s nominated Charity Organisation.

Through this new partnership, the Global Sports Channel´s global audience will assist in creating awareness, as well as raising money for those suffering from Endocrinological issues.

You can check out all about the Altitude Children’s Foundation at www.acfl.org.au to find out what Sam and his amazing team of helpers are doing to make the world a better place.

Global Sports Channel CEO Mark Philpott stated, ” It is a pleasure to play a role in supporting this amazing Foundation. Sports fans and athletes across the world know too well how difficult it is to suffer from any illnesses, we want to bring our growing army of fans from across the world together to help Sam and his team. “

You can also follow updates of our partnership on the Global Sports Channel to the Altitude Children’s Foundation. 

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