Inside The Tokyo Olympics - Nicci Daly

Attending her first and last Olympic Games Nicci Daly represented Ireland in Women’s Field Hockey at the Tokyo Olympics.

In this chat, we explore what it was like preparing for these unusual Games, as well as how the team dealt with all of the things that they had to contend with before and during the games.

Nicci Daly shares the journey of her team during the competition. We talk about how much of Japan, the culture, and the people Nicci got to see during her once in a lifetime experience.

What was it like playing in empty stadiums, living in a very protective bubble while attending the largest sporting event on the planet?

Now the Games are over how is Nicci dealing with the post Games emotions and all of the difficult times once an Athlete comes off an all-time high in competing in a competition they have set as a goal for their entire life?

You can check out Nicci’s passion post Olympics and support her in any way with this great initiative here

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