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How Our Sports Channel Will Change Lives

They say, you have ‘made’ it when your life’s passion becomes your career. In my case, that has been the situation for a little while. Yet recently, the momentum switched and just went up a notch or two.

Sport unites humans like nothing else. It transcends politics, race, religion even a virus. As the sporting world currently reinvents itself to deal with, and to circumnavigate the murky waters of Covid 19, many opportunities are presenting themselves on, and off the field of play.

It is with this new found reality, and my life long commitment to, and participation in a variety of sports, that drives our team to launch a platform that will change the lives of people from across the world.

Combining inspiration with motivation and education, we are honing in on what we believe many people across the world are searching for. That is an interest beyond the restrictions of Covid 19, an engagement that makes them feel better about themselves, and therefore, about their lives.

How you can engage with the Global Sports Channel

Our model is as simple as it is diverse. We inspire by interviewing global elite sports men and women from the past, the present and the next generation.

We motivate by sharing ways to become healthier, and how to achieve any sporting related goal you have set for yourself.

We educate by providing expert knowledge from sports scientists, sports equipment and product manufactures, sports coaches, sports psychologists, and other world leading practitioners. We enable change, we support goals, and we reflect on the memories.

From #Olympic stars to household names across many sporting genres. Our content is easy to consume, frequently updated, global by origin, and delivered by voice, in images, and by the written word.

Our engaging platform, along with its many interactive touch points puts you, the consumer inches away from being able to change your life, and to get up close and personal with a star from the world of sport who you may have idolized you’re entire life.

There are back stories we share that are beyond inspiring. How common is it for world class athletes to go through, and to overcome massive life challenges to reach not just the final, but to stand on that elusive podium.

We challenge the authorities as we go into bat for you, the global audience, on matters that we all want answers and resolutions on. That’s why we will interview, and investigate what the world’s leading sports federations are doing on topics like drugs in sport, equality for all, and why isnt change occurring fast enough.

Philanthropy resonates at the core of our organisation, it ensures that we will be doing everything we can through our platform to help those who are seeking a journey as a professional sportsperson. We will help and support those who dream big, who train hard, and who embrace the very notion of hard work ultimately pays off.

Collaboration is another pillar in our organisation’s strategic direction. We welcome and embrace like minded thinkers from across the world who not only seek definitive outcomes from healthy and innovative collaboration models, or practices, as we aim to grow to become a globally acknowledged, and respected entity in our own industry.

Our tagline is ‘There is no finish line’ and in those very words sits our mindset and ambition never to rest or to become complacent, as there will always be another life we can change.

Welcome to the Global Sports Channel.

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