December's Q&A

Sunday December 13th at 7pm EST and 2pm LHR time.
Monday 10am Brisbane time.

Clean Machine Q&A Vegan

Come and join the December Q&A Event featuring Mr Geoff Palmer. Geoff has produced the No 1 Supplement in the USA for two years in a row, and he is now joining us to talk all things health, vegan, plant based and well being.

This is your chance to ask an absolute expert on how you can turn your nutrition around. Join us on Sunday December 13th at 7pm EST, 2pm LHR time.

November's Q&A

Kate Baker

In this episode, our global audience asks StandUp Paddle Boarder Kate Baker a whole range of questions about her sport of StandUp Paddle Boarding.

Podcast Version

Kate is asked about her training, her races, how she got started in the sport, what nutrition she does and the technology behind the boards.

We find out about some of Kate’s favourite races, and what her goals are for 2021 and beyond.
We also learn about her upbringing in different sports and how that helped her as she found StandUp Paddle Boarding.

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