Coach Talk | Ralph Mouchbahani

The next Coach to grace the airways of the Global Sports Channel is Ralph Mouchbahani. From his base camp in Germany, he speaks to Tasha about his journey.

Ralph is an editor and co-editor on the Level II/III/IV/V and the Coaches Diploma for the IAAF MEMBER SERVICES DEPARTMENT in the Coaches Education and Certification System (CECS) Syllabus and Curriculum.

Due to his great expertise, experience and reputation, many federations and sports institutes invite him to lecture on specific topics on different occasions.

He has consulted a big number of federations in their preparation for major championships regarding training, scientific assistance and preparation camps, competition programs and sports projects.
The sports project consultancy arouses out of his increasing engagement in the development of sports worldwide and athletics in specific.

Sport has developed to a multi-faceted and functional servicing demanding professionalism. Assistance and consultancy in various interrelated areas (Sponsorship acquisition, Sports Management) have become a major issue.

During his responsibility for the coaches’ education, he lectured on many occasions for PE refresher courses all around Germany and the world.
He has also contributed to some limited publications in the Medical Journal for Sports Medicine, German Track & Field Magazine, Coach and Athlete – Australia Queensland University and the various RDC Magazines, in Coach’s Magazine in China and sports journals.

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