We created the Global Sports Channel for YOU. For all of the sports fans, and the people who are involved in sport across the world. Sport unites us like nothing else on the planet. Sports inspire us, it motivates us, and it connects us. 

The Interviews

In our Interview Show we are bringing you up close and personal with elite level sports stars from across the world. They are the past, the current, and the future champions. We are taking you into their world, getting them to tell stories that have never been heard before. 
We Interview Sports Scientists, Psychologists, Nutritionists and a host of other important members of teams, associations and federations. We get behind the scenes, into the locker rooms, the boardrooms and the laboratories.   
Sabine Liesecki

The Blog

Our team of sports writers brings you specific articles and features from the world of sports. We post opinion pieces, and reviews from some of the world’s major sporting events. If you would like to become a contributor to our Blog then contact us today at info@globalsportschannel.com


The Stadiums

We are taking you on a virtual journey into some of the most amazing stadiums in the world. An up close and personal view of the behind the scenes. The technology, the history, the atmosphere, today’s stadiums are mega structures that have so much more to offer for sports fans across the world. 

soccer stadium


We have brought together a group of vastly experienced entrepreneurs to assist us with our global evolution

Sam Iliades


Sam and his business partner started a charter company called Australian Corporate Jet Centres which has grown to have the largest Corporate Jet charter fleet in Australia. The company continues to grow and diversify into other areas including Aeromedical, Maintenance and Freight. Sam is the founder of the Altitude Children’s Foundation. He is a keen Australian Football League supporter, NBL Basketball fan and coaches junior basketball. I want to be on the board of the Global Sports Channel to be involved in the direction of this revolutionary platform.

Jessica Laschet

Jessica Lascheit is an outsourcing expert who thrives on getting the best results for businesses by optimising processes and operations through the right solutions. Jess' business experience brought her to the Global Sports Channel early in 2020 where the relationship with Mark and the team, based on mutual beliefs and values, has continued to grow. Jess is honoured to be on the board for a business that promises to give a new voice to sports and help make a difference to those who need it the most. Director and Founder of BPO Heroes.

Mike Sutton


Mike Sutton is a passionate entrepreneur, Co-founder of Miyagi.Live, Connected Global Media, Husky Clothing Co and Co-Owner of the Auckland Huskies Basketball franchise playing in the NZ NBL. Mike is an elite people and leadership coach having worked with some of the world’s finest talents on resilience, growth, connection, purpose and performance across Asia, Africa, Australia and Canada. Mike is excited to join the GSC Advisory Board as Mark’s values of providing impact over profit in a way that inspires, motivates and educates is in compete alignment with his own.

Menno Van Loon

menno van loon

Menno van Loon started his career in 1994 as a corporate lawyer. He was active inter alia in M&A, Private Equity, Venture Capital, bankruptcies, general corporate law and banking law. After 5 years of legal practice, he switched to investment banking. Menno is the author of 2 books on Venture Capital. His great sporting passion is sailing. He sailed from Holland to Australia (mostly single handed). Because of his love for sports and his conviction that sports can bring out the best in all of us, he is honored to be an advisory board member of the Global Sports Chanel.

Nicole Lamond

nicole lamond

Nicole Lamond has been an active champion of Fair Trade since 1999 and successfully launched one of the first Fairtrade products into Australian supermarkets in 2008, Qi Teas. Nicole was a founding board member of the Fair Trade Assn of Australia and NZ. Nicole has gone on to create award-winning, innovative products and has launched Eloments with business partner Julie Hirsch, the world’s first 100% natural vitamin tea. After winning numerous taste and business awards, Eloments is now ranged in over 2000 stores in Australia and the UK.

Nick Bendel Global Sports Channel

Nick Bendel

Nick Bendel is the owner of Hunter & Scribe, the content marketing agency for small businesses. The co-host of 3MinuteMarketing, the video series that provides marketing tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Also an author and speaker, and an expert in marketing, writing, and communications. Writing and communications is in my blood – I’m an experienced journalist/editor, a published author, a public speaker and a video presenter.

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