20 Ironman Distances In A Row with Shanda Hill

Canadian Shanda Hill is very fortunate to be alive. A dreadful accident on her BMX bike nearly ended her life in 2003. Since that day in Vernon, Canada Shanda’s life has been on a trajectory few could ever dream of, let alone realize.

Today Shanda is in rarified air as one of the greatest Ultra Distance Triathletes on planet Earth.

In this episode, Shanda recalls her journey, as well as enlightening us on what it takes to train, race, survive and thrive among some of the fittest athletes in the world.

Imagine lining up for a race that takes more than 26 days to complete, while all you have for company is your wetsuit, bicycle, and running shoes.
This episode is a fabulous insight into the world of Ultra Distance Triathlons and what makes its small global group of participants go through what they do every time that they toe the start line.

Shanda’s Achievements Include

Aug 2014 – 1st Triathlon – Challenge Penticton Finished 12th out of 17 in the female age 30-39 category, with a time of 14:11:59

July 2016, Oregon Double Anvil – 2x Ironman distance 2nd female overall.

Oct 2016, Virginia Quintuple Anvil 1st female overall 5th of all competitors.

1st Canadian female ever to Complete holds the fastest quintuple female overall course run time record to date of 47:33:21 (the closest female was over 5 hours behind)

August 2017, Buchs Switzerland, Swiss Deca Ultra Continuous – 10x Ironman distance 2nd female overall 1st Canadian woman ever to complete a Deca (38km swim,100km bike, 422km run)

Oct 2017 Virginia Triple Anvil 1st Female overall.

Oct 2017 León, Mexico Deca World Championships 1st female overall.

In 2017 received a title of #1/26 female Ultra athletes in the world by the IUTA as well as a #1 ranking in her age category 21-39.

Made an IUTA confirmed World Record as the first female to ever complete two Decas in a year.

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